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First Day Motions

Court Docket: #0002

Document Name: Motion of Debtors Pursuant to Fed. R. Bankr. P. 1015(b) for Entry of Order Directing Joint Administration of Related Chapter 11 Cases (Filed by ACH Management Services, LLC, American Choice Commercial ACO, LLC, American Choice Healthcare, LLC, Belen Pharmacy Group, LLC, CH Dental Administrative Services LLC, CHPR MSO LLC, Cano Behavior Health LLC, Cano Belen, LLC, Cano HP MSO, LLC, Cano Health CA1 MSO LLC, Cano Health CA1, LLC, Cano Health Illinois 1 MSO, LLC, Cano Health Illinois Network, LLC, Cano Health Nevada Network, LLC, Cano Health New Mexico LLC, Cano Health New York, IPA, LLC, Cano Health of Florida, LLC, Cano Health of Puerto Rico LLC, Cano Health, Inc., Cano Health, LLC, Cano Medical Center of West Florida, LLC, Cano Occupational Health, LLC, Cano PCP MSO, LLC, Cano PCP Wound Care, LLC, Cano PCP, LLC, Cano Personal Behavior LLC, Cano Pharmacy, LLC, Cano Research LLC, Clinical Research of Hollywood, P.A., Comfort Pharmacy 2, LLC, Complete Medical Billing and Coding Services, LLC, DGM MSO, LLC, IFB Pharmacy, LLC, Orange Accountable Care Organization of South Florida LLC, Orange Accountable Care Organization, LLC, Orange Care Group South Florida Management Services Organization, LLC, Orange Care IPA of New Jersey, LLC, Orange Care IPA of New York, LLC, Orange Healthcare Administration, LLC, PPG Puerto Rico Blocker, Inc., Physicians Partners Group Merger, LLC, Physicians Partners Group Puerto Rico, LLC, Physicians Partners Group Puerto Rico, LLC, Physicians Partners Group of FL, LLC, Primary Care (ITC) Intermediate Holdings, LLC, Solis Network Solutions, LLC, Total Care ACO, LLC, University Health Care Pharmacy, LLC)

Date Filed: 2/5/2024