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Formation & Structure of the CDC Liquidation Trust

Under the Plan, substantially all of the Debtor’s assets were to be transferred to the CDC Liquidation Trust to be liquidated for the benefit of holders of Allowed Equity Interests in accordance with the Plan.

As a result, on the Effective Date, certain assets of the Debtor were transferred to the CDC Liquidation Trust as set forth in the Valuation of Trust Assets as of December 19, 2012, which is attached to the First Post-Confirmation Status Report filed in the Bankruptcy Case on February 4, 2013. The remainder of the Debtor’s assets is being held by the Debtor in the Effective Date Available Cash Reserve.

On the Effective Date, Equity Interests in the Debtor were fixed and became non-transferable. Holders of Allowed Equity Interests received Beneficial Interests in the CDC Liquidation Trust pursuant to the Plan and are therefore Beneficiaries under the CDC Liquidation Trust. On account of such Beneficial Interests, distributions will be made from the Trust Assets in the CDC Liquidation Trust.