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Undeliverable Distributions; Deadline to Make Claims: 8/18/2014

The Liquidation Trustee for the CDC Liquidation Trust has filed his “First Notice of Undeliverable Distributions Pursuant to Section 7.5 of Confirmed Plan” (the “First Notice”; Docket No. 858). Exhibit “A” to the First Notice lists certain undeliverable distributions represented by Distribution Checks from the CDC Liquidation Trust. Please follow this link to view a copy of the First Notice.

Distribution Checks on Exhibit “A” to the First Notice were undeliverable and must be claimed by their rightful Beneficiaries/owners on or before August 18, 2014. If a Distribution Check on Exhibit “A” is not claimed by August 18, 2014, then: (1) the Distribution Check shall be void; (2) the funds represented by the Distribution Check will be considered abandoned and deemed Trust Assets not subject to any escheat laws; and (3) the holder of the Beneficial Interests giving rise to the Distribution Check shall have no further claim to such funds or to any subsequent or further distributions from the CDC Liquidation Trust, with such Beneficial Interests being deemed canceled, void, and satisfied.

If you are entitled to a Distribution Check or Checks listed on Exhibit “A” to the First Notice, you must claim the check(s) on or before August 18, 2014. To claim a Distribution Check or Checks on Exhibit “A”: (a) you must contact counsel for the CDC Liquidation Trust in writing and indicate that you have a right to the Distribution Check or Checks, by sending a letter to Lamberth, Cifelli, Stokes, Ellis & Nason, P.A., attn.: Gregory Ellis, 3343 Peachtree Road, N.E., Suite 550, Atlanta, Georgia 30326, or by sending an email to eam@lcsenlaw.com, attn: Elizabeth Miller; and (b) you must contact Computershare, Inc., the paying agent for the CDC Liquidation Trust, at 1-800-777-3674, and update your address so that the Distribution Check or Checks to which you are entitled can be reissued and resent to you by Computershare, Inc., at your proper address.