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The Litigation Trust Agreement governing the Paragon Litigation Trust generally authorizes the transfer of Litigation Trust Interests (the "Interests"). All prospective transferors and transferees of Interests must complete the Amended Transfer Notice and return it to the Paragon Litigation Trust Management at Paragon@drivetrainadvisors.com in order for any transfer of Interests to be recorded.

Please further note that, in accordance with Section 3.8 of the Litigation Trust Agreement, the Paragon Litigation Trust Management need not recognize any transfer of Interests which (i) would constitute a violation of applicable laws, or (ii) would cause the Litigation Trust to be required to register the Interests under, and/or to become subject to the reporting requirements of Sections 13 or 15(d) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

Holders of Interests should review Section 3.8 of the Litigation Trust Agreement and consult with their advisors to understand in greater detail other transfer requirements and restrictions that may affect the transferability of the Interests.