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All persons who wish to attend the Peabody hearing telephonically must register for a CourtSolutions account by visiting the CourtSolutions website at: www.Court-Solutions.com. Once a participant registers, they must submit a request to appear telephonically for a scheduled hearing through the CourtSolutions website. After a telephonic request is made, CourtSolutions will send an email to the requesting party which will contain the dial-in information.

Participants must adhere to the following:

• Requesting parties are not to contact Court personnel for telephonic
appearance request.

• Requesting parties should select the listen only option to participate
by phone.

• All participants must make telephonic reservations at least two business
days prior to each hearing date, per Peabody's Case Management Order.

• There is a fee for using this service per each scheduled hearing date.
Please visit the CourtSolutions website for further information.