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Welcome to the LB Trust Official Information Website.

This website has information related to the Litigation Trust and Creditor Trust as well as the Creditor Representative established pursuant to the Plan of Reorganization of Lyondell Chemical Company and its affiliates.

Notice of Distribution and Update

Please click here for the Notice of Distribution and Update of Significant Events.

Important Tax Update for Individual U.S. Taxpayers

Recently issued regulations under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act ("FATCA") require certain individual U.S. taxpayers to annually report the value of "specified foreign financial assets" on IRS Form 8938. These assets could include shares or equity awards in settlement of a bankruptcy claim, in a company incorporated outside of the U.S, including LyondellBasell Industries N.V. ("LYB").

- Penalties for non-compliance are severe. The minimum amount to trigger a FATCA reporting obligation for a taxpayer residing in the U.S. and filing as a single individual is $50,000 on the last day of the taxable year or $75,000 at any time during the taxable year.

- Form 8938 and the related instructions may be obtained at: Form 8938.

- If you held LYB shares during tax year 2011, you are strongly advised to consult your personal tax or legal advisor to determine whether the FATCA reporting requirements apply to you.

Important Documents

Below are documents that you will need to download, complete and submit in order to receive distributions, if any, on account of allowed unsecured claims against the Debtors.

- Taxpayers domiciled in the United States should fill out a W-9. Please click here to download the W-9 form

- Taxpayers residing outside of the United States should fill out a W-8. Please click here to download the W-8 form.

- If you have a disputed claim and did not receive a distribution soon after April 30, 2010, you may be entitled to a distribution that will likely include a cash and stock component if your claim is allowed. If you become entitled to stock, the shares will be distributed to you through Computershare, the transfer agent for the Trust. At that time, you will receive notification, along with an information packet from the agent. Please note the Trust cannot effectuate a stock distribution to anyone who has not returned a W-9 form, or W-8BEN form where applicable, to Verdolino & Lowey, the Administrator for the LB Trust.

Please include your tax identification number, current address information, sign your full name, date and mail, email or fax your completed W-9 (or W-8BEN) form(s) to:

LB Trust
c/o Verdolino & Lowey, P.C.
124 Washington Street, Suite 101
Foxboro, MA 02035
Attn: Mary Jo Schindler

Email: lyondell@vlpc.com
Fax: (508) 543-4114

Consent to Email Notification

Please provide an email address that can be used to send you periodic communications relating to the Trust. This will help lower expenses and enhance the overall recovery for creditors. You can submit your email address by clicking submit an inquiry.

Initial Distributions and Subsequent Distributions

An initial distribution of approximately 15.4% was made to unsecured creditors whose claims had been allowed as of the Effective Date (April 30, 2010), subject to certain holdbacks and/or withholding taxes. Creditors who received initial distributions may be entitled to additional amounts as other claims are resolved or in the event that additional funds are recovered in connection with the causes of action being pursued by the Trusts. However, the timing and amount of any such distributions is unknown at the present time.

Creditors of Millennium Specialty Chemicals, Inc.

If you are a creditor with an allowed claim(s) against either Millennium Specialty Chemicals, Inc. or Millennium Petrochemicals, Inc., in addition to your pro rata share of the $450 million in settlement consideration paid in connection with the Lender Litigation Settlement, you may also be entitled to additional distributions from the Millennium Custodial Trust in the form of stock in the reorganized company as and when such distributions are made. If you have any specific questions relating to distributions from the Millennium Custodial Trust, you may contact Regina Lee (rlee@alixpartners.com).

Creditor Inquiries

If you have any questions relating to the status of your claim(s) please contact the company’s restructuring advisor (AlixPartners) at 800-414-9605 or LyondellBasell@alixpartners.com. If you have questions regarding potential future distributions please contact lyondell@vlpc.com.


Kurtzman Carson Consultants LLC ("KCC") maintains this website for the convenience of the LB Trust beneficiaries and at the direction of Reid Collins & Tsai LLP, the attorneys for the LB Trust.