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In re Sanjel (USA) Inc., Case No. 16-50778 (CAG) Jointly Administered
United States Bankruptcy Court, Western District of Texas (http://www.txwb.uscourts.gov)
General Information:

On April 4, 2016, each of the 11 debtors* (the "Debtors") listed below filed voluntary petitions for relief under Chapter 15 of the United States Bankruptcy Code (the "Bankruptcy Code"). The cases (collectively, the "Bankruptcy Cases") are jointly administered under Case No. 16-50778 before the Honorable Craig A. Gargotta in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Texas.

Debtor Name Debtor Case Number
Sanjel (USA) Inc. 16-50778
Sanjel Capital (USA) Inc. 16-50783
Sanjel Corporation 16-50784
Suretech Group Ltd. 16-50786
Suretech Completions (USA) Inc. 16-50789
Terracor Group Ltd. 16-50790
Terracor (USA) Inc. 16-50791
Terracor Resources (USA) Inc. 16-50793
Terracor Logistics (USA) Inc. 16-50794
Sanjel Energy Services (USA) Inc. 16-50795
Sanjel Canada Ltd. 16-50872

* - Note: Sanjel Canada, Ltd. Chapter 15 petition filed on April 11, 2016.

A case is commenced under Chapter 15 when a foreign representative files a petition for recognition of a foreign proceeding. Once the court issues an order recognizing the foreign ancillary proceeding as a foreign main proceeding (a proceeding pending in a country where the debtor's center of main interests are located), the automatic stay and certain other provisions of the Bankruptcy Code take effect within the United States. Pursuant to the Bankruptcy Code, a debtor is afforded certain protection against its creditors; the Bankruptcy Code prohibits creditors from taking certain actions related to debts that may have been owing prior to the commencement of the Bankruptcy Cases. If you believe that you might be a creditor of the Debtors based upon debts arising prior to their respective filing dates, and you are considering taking action based upon your status as a creditor, you may wish to seek legal advice. The staff of the Clerk's Office of the Bankruptcy Court and the staff of Kurtzman Carson Consultants LLC are not permitted to give legal advice.

For additional information, please contact the Sanjel toll-free information line at (866) 967-1785 or, if calling from outside the United States or Canada, at (310) 751-2685.

You may also submit an inquiry via email using the Submit an Inquiry link.

Important Dates, Deadlines & Documents Show All Dates

April 5, 2016
(8:00 AM CT)

April 4, 2016

Parties and Addresses

U.S. Court Address

United States Bankruptcy Court
Western District of Texas
Hipolito F. Garcia Federal Building & United States Courthouse
615 East Houston Street, Room 597
San Antonio, TX 78205

T: (210) 472-6720
F: (210) 472-5196

Canadian Court Address

Calgary Courts Centre
601 5th Street SW
Calgary, AB T2P 5P7

T: (403) 297-7538

U.S. Counsel for Debtors

Harry A. Perrin
John E. West
Reese A. O'Connor
Vinson & Elkins LLP
1001 Fannin Street, Suite 2500
Houston, TX 77002-6760

T: (713) 758-2222
F: (713) 758-2346

U.S. Counsel for Debtors

Steven M. Abramowitz
David S. Meyer
Vinson & Elkins LLP
666 Fifth Avenue 26th Floor
New York, NY 10103-0040

T: (212) 237-0000
F: (212) 237-0100


Canadian Counsel for Debtors

Denise D. Bright
Chris D. Simard
John M. Mercury
4500 Bankers Hall East
855 2nd Street SW
Calgary, AB T2P 4K7

T: (403) 298-3100
F: (403) 265-7219

Monitor and Foreign Representative

Paul J. Darby
Rick F. Osuna
Clinton L. Roberts
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
111-5th Avenue SW
Suite 3100
Calgary AB T2P 5L3

T: (403) 509-7555


U.S. Counsel for Monitor and Foreign Representative

Deborah D. Williamson
Patrick L. Huffstickler
Patric B. McMillin
Dykema Cox Smith
112 E. Pecan Street, Suite 1800
San Antonio, TX 78205

T: (210) 554-5500
F: (210) 226-8395

Canadian Counsel for Monitor and Foreign Representative

Josef G. A. Kruger, Q.C.
Robin Gurofsky
Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
Centennial Place, East Tower, 1900
520-3rd Ave SW
Calgary, AB T2P 0R3

T: (403) 232-9500
F: (403) 266-1395



Kurtzman Carson Consultants LLC ("KCC") maintains this website at the direction of Vinson & Elkins LLP, U.S. counsel to the foreign representative. KCC maintains this website for the public's convenience and, while KCC makes every attempt to ensure the accuracy of the information contained herein, this website is not the website of the United States Bankruptcy Court and does not contain the complete, official record of the Bankruptcy Court. All documents filed with the Court are available for inspection at the Clerk of the Bankruptcy Court, Western District of Texas.